Dr. Mihai Cimpoesu
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
A self-motivated, dedicated and business-oriented computer scientist. With a positive attitude and focused mind-set, I combine logical thinking and creativity to find the best solutions. I believe in things done right and I use the right tool and programming language for the task at hand, especially if this means learning something completely new.
Ionut Manolache
Chief Technology Officer
Ionut is a full stack software engineer with 10+ years of experience. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He worked for companies like Eset, TiVo and Comodo. Currently he is focused entirely on blochckain technologies. A YouTube addict and a cabinet maker, he loves his wine, his grill and his German Shepherd.
Solomon Coriiu
Senior Software Engineer
Enthusiast. I take energy from working on innovative projects together with inspiring people. In 10+ years of my experience as a software developer, I worked on projects like networking stack for high capability routers (have 3 patents in this domain), emulation of logistic systems, structural and civil engineering, cloud browser and media streaming. In the present I enjoy focusing on blockchain technology.
Gabriel Coriiu
Senior Web Developer
A self-taught digital artist with a degree in Computer Science. He puts passion in his work and sees challenges as opportunities to learn new things. Gabriel is a technology enthusiast and believes in a world led by scientists.
Sorin Pintilie
UX and Design Consultant
Designer focused on textual and contextual systems. Founded a design consultancy. Lead a complete rebrand across 25+ properties, over 3 years. Put together a multi-disciplinary team of 8 designers. Occasionally writes for publications like ACM Interactions, UX Magazine & Boxes and Arrows.